Artisan Chocolate & Wine Tasting

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Artisan Chocolate & Wine Tasting


Wine Tasting in Bristol & Bath

Venue: Bordeaux Quay, Bristol

Duration: 2 Hours

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Artisan Chocolate & Wine Tasting in Bristol

The perfect tasting for all lovers of fine chocolate and wine!

We've teamed up with craft chocolate experts Cocoa Runners to bring you a tasting experience simply not to be missed.

There are many parallels between great wine and great chocolate, so in this fun and informal two-hour tasting session, you'll taste for yourself how great ingredients and their origin, artisan craft, passion and care make such a remarkable difference to both.

You'll discover the similarities of how both wine and chocolate are produced, along with a few helpful hints and tips along the way as you taste your way through ten amazing craft chocolates each paired with a delicious wine to help you find your favourite matching, or contrasting pairing.

Cocoa Runners really do 'know their beans' (!) and have built a very strong reputation in the press for their fantastic range of artisan chocolates, and have been named as one of the UK's top 10 food subscription services

“The true chocolate lover’s trade secret.” - The Telegraph

“Cocoa Runners is any chocolate lover’s dream company.” - The Sunday Times

“No one bar tastes like the next. It is eating chocolate in a way I’d never previously considered, as a food with infinite varieties.” - Metro

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