4 Week Intro to Wine Course | £150

Wine Course Bristol Wine School Wine Tasting
Wine Course Bristol Wine School Wine Tasting

4 Week Intro to Wine Course | £150


4 Week Wine Course in Bristol

Venue: The Kensington Arms, Bristol

Monday Nights | 8th - 29th October 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm 

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Wine Course in Bristol | 4 Week Intro to Wine Course

Change the way you think about wine forever with our hands-on, fun and informative Introduction to Wine course in Bristol. 

Over an inspiring and information-packed five weeks in a small and sociable group you'll learn valuable skills for life as you taste a diverse range of fine wines from all over the world and learn from a professional wine tutor about the fundamentals of:

how to taste and assess winehow wine is madehow to read labels and understand jargon, how to choose winethe difference between the main red & white grape varieties, the impact of climate and production techniques on stylethe difference between old & new worldhow to spot a fault, how to store winefood and wine matching principles and plenty more besides...

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The course is designed for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more regardless of your background level of knowledge and experience as numbers are kept purposely small to allow us to answer questions as we go and give individual attention.

You will leave this course with an expanded knowledge of the wider world of wine having tasted over 28 different wines from around the world in a small group (Max 15 guests) over 8 tutored hours with a wine educator, and boosted confidence to further experiment and explore new and interesting wines on your own. All students will be presented with a Bristol Wine School: Level 1 Certificate upon successful completion of the course, and will be eligible for a discounted place on our Level 2: The Wines of France

All wines, food samples, glasses, spittoons, tasting sheets and a course folder are included.


In our introductory week, we focus on basic principles to build on over the following sessions as we look at the building blocks of taste, how to assess and describe wine, how to spot a wine fault, how wine is made (from berry to bottle), how to understand wine jargon and why it is used, how understand labels and how to serve and store wine.

We'll take our first steps into the world of food & wine pairing and debunk some popular myths and misconceptions, with a focus on single-grape variety wines to help you build your knowledge, experience and confidence.

Building on what we covered in week one, we take a fascinating look at the impact of climate, topography, and production techniques on wine style by focussing on just one grape variety tasted 'blind'. In this eye-opening session, we'll compare seven different styles from different parts of the world, all at different price and quality points and produced using different methods. 

We'll take a look at old world vs. new world, wine laws, appellation systems and understanding labels along the way and further develop your skills and confidence with wine tasting, vocabulary and analysis.

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This week we'll the 'noble' and classic white wine grape varieties, looking at their flavour profiles, ageing potential, key styles and regions around the world. We'll take a deeper view into how white wines are made and look further at the impact of production techniques and other factors on wine style, considering food and wine matching potential for each grape and its different styles as we go.

Along the way, we'll show you how different sweet and fortified wines are produced and the suitability of each grape for these styles, as well as furthering your knowledge of different wine regions around the world and expanding on your palate awareness and wine vocabulary.

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Following up on our look at white grapes, this week we explore seven of the 'noble' and classic red wine grapes used around the world, looking at their flavour profiles, ageing potential, key styles and regions around the world. We'll take a deeper look into how red wines are made and discuss the art of blending and the reasoning behind it, as well as a further study on the impact of oak and bottle ageing on wine style.

We will consider food and wine matching potential for each wine as we go in, and further develop your skills of wine vocabulary, tasting and analysis.


Albarino | Chardonnay | Cabernet Franc | Cabernet Sauvignon | Chenin Blanc | Gamay | Gewurztraminer | Grenache | Malbec | Merlot | Muscat | Nebbiolo | Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris | Pinot Noir | Riesling | Sauvignon Blanc | Sangiovese | Semillon | Syrah/Shiraz | Tempranillo | Viognier | Zinfandel



Italy | France | Spain | Germany | New Zealand | South Africa | USA | Chile | Argentina | Australia



Sparkling Wine | White Wine | Rose Wine | Red Wine | Semi-Sweet Wine | Sweet Wine | Fortified Wine

"The Introduction to Wine course turned my whole world upside down. I thought I knew what I liked – but you introduced me to new grapes and new styles of wine. Your passion and knowledge are infectious; the classes were informative, liquid and enormous fun!” - Chris Kenber

"Thanks for the course! it has been excellent and far beyond what I expected. I can now select a wine with more understanding, and I now know why I like what I like so I can choose with more confidence. A long way to go still and lots of tasting to look forward to, but the course has given me the knowledge I wanted to make good start. " - Lynne Elvins

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Please note: Early booking is strongly advised.

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Your Tutor

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Bristol Wine School is run by Tristan Darby, who has certified wine knowledge and 20 years experience in the catering, hospitality and wine trade. He is the founder of Bristol Wine School and also runs courses at award-winning wine merchant Great Western Wine in Bath. 

Tristan is the drinks columnist for The Bristol Magazine and The Bath Magazine, he trains wine and catering professionals, consults, works with cookery schools, hosts wine dinners and events with some of the region's top chefs and is a judge for Bristol Good Food awards.

As a former professional actor and singer Tristan takes every opportunity to entertain and add theatre to his events. Passionate that world of wine and spirits shouldn't be a pretentious and elitist he has earned a great reputation for imparting knowledge in an engaging, un-stuffy, non-patronising and approachable way. He'll answer questions as you go and hopes to give the confidence and tools you'll need to break habits, expand horizons, and choose better wine.